Road and Driveway Asphalt paving job before and after comparison
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Seminole, FL Driveway & Small Road Asphalt Paving

This thirty-five hundred square foot driveway in Seminole Florida may as well have been a small roadway project with the sheer size of coverage needed. Anderson and Son’s came in force with a ten-man team to lay over 26 tons of S-3 asphalt to complete the job in s single day.

This Pinellas asphalt driveway job kicked off with prepping the area by leveling and compacting the surface to assure the new asphalt would have the best possible area to settle on evenly. Luckily due to Florida’s flat-natured land we did not have to go overboard in this process but many areas needed to be lowered while others needed the addition of extra sand to bring them up to level.

Next, we carefully laid the hot new asphalt across the prepared surface while shaping and evenly distributing it to create the new driveway.

Once complete, a thin layer of sand is tossed atop the asphalt to help prevent tire marks while the asphalt fully cures. It will be drive-on ready in just 24 hours thanks to Florida’s hot weather and the type of asphalt used, however fresh asphalt remain susceptible to tire marks which although won’t affect the surface from a drivability standpoint, will create small blemishes.

Review from the client

“Anderson and Sons did a large driveway project for us in Seminole. I can’t say enough how professional this company is. Every step of the way was seamless. The project was completed efficiently and on-time. They really know what they are doing. Our long, winding driveway looks great, and we have received many compliments from neighbors and friends. Thanks Danielle and Tony!!!”
Property Owner

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