Parking Lot & Commercial Asphalt Discount for Seminole Fl

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Update: DEAL EXTENDED thru late December 2020

Limited time discount for Seminole Fl (within Pinellas County) on Commercial Asphalt Jobs, e.g. Parking Lots

If you have a business or government location / roadway and have been putting off getting your asphalt parking or roadway re-finished, sealcoated or even just a few pot holes filled, AND your company / lot is located in Seminole, Florida (within Pinellas County) now is the time to take advantage of Anderson & Son’s discount made just for your area.

The Deal

Take 5% off when you book your job from now till December 20th, 2020.

Seminole Zip Codes Covered for this Promotion

  • 33772
  • 33775
  • 33776
  • 33777
  • 33778

Book a Free Quote

If you’re commercial asphalt job is located within the Seminole City limits (of Pinellas County Florida, not the Tampa Seminole), we will gladly come out and give you a free in person estimate.


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