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How Hot Florida Sun Effects Asphalt Pavement

What Makes Up Asphalt? As the most commonly used material for road systems, every driver has reaped the benefits of ease that asphalt provides. It allows cars, bikes, and other vehicles, to travel great distances without much difficulty. It is also able to withstand...

New Asphalt Truck Graphics

We are proud to show off our brand new truck graphics! If ever you're unsure which asphalt company is in the process of paving your brand new parking lot, rest assured you'll know the answer if you've hired Pinellas County's top Asphalt paving contractor.

Walkway and Sidewalk Paving with Asphalt in St. Petersburg, Fl

How does St. Petersburg play a role in Asphalt walkway paving Ultimately, St. Petersburg is much like any other city in Florida and adds a factor of extra heat and humidity. Anderson and Son's Asphalt operates within Pinellas County and has paved both commercial and...

Keeping Asphalt Parking Lots Clean

Importance of a Clean Parking Lot Maintaining a clean parking lot is very important because it is a much like a home for vehicles. Also, keeping your parking clean and tidy is good for business. A shabby parking lot will not only keep customers away but it can also...
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