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Asphalt repairs come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. In Pinellas County we experience heavy rain, extreme heat and sunlight, sometimes in the same day and repairs can turn up seemingly instantly. These damaged areas can create a liability and need to be addressed quickly. Asphalt repairs need to be done differently based on the specifications of the damage.

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Common Asphalt Repairs

‘Severe Alligator Cracks’ in asphalt:

These type of serious asphalt issues in some cases will need to be cut out and removed prior to repaving.

Loose Asphalt

If asphalt is loose and is no longer bound to the existing pavement it must be removed in order to stabilize the area before a repair is done.

Low, water-saturating asphalt

Low areas may need the application of multiple layers of asphalt or a layer of sub-base prior to completing the repair.

Our Repair Process

  • The very first step in completing an effective asphalt repair is to clean the entire repair area to remove loose dirt and debris. Otherwise, the tac coat will not adhere to the existing asphalt.
  • Slow Setting Tac Coat is then applied to the repair area to ensure that the new asphalt will adhere to the area. This tac coat must completely dry before asphalt is applied in order for it to be effective and long lasting.
  • Once the tac coat is cured ‘Hot Mix Asphalt’ is applied to repair the damaged portion of the asphalt pavement. This must be done differently for each type of repair.

Specialty Asphalt Repairs

  • Pothole
  • Low Lying Area
  • Trip Hazard
  • Asphalt cutout and repaving

All these types of asphalt repairs must be done with different techniques and processes and need to be done correctly the first time.

How the repair is completed will determine whether the asphalt repair will last or if it will need additional attention at an additional cost.

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