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How Asphalt Potholes Form and the Repair Process

Potholes can vary in size and shape and they are the result of the occurring expansion and contraction of ground water after it has entered the ground under the pavement. During colder seasons, ground water can freeze and expands. When this happens, it can take up a...

Now Hiring Asphalt Workers

Looking for a job that can help keep you in shape while paying you? We're hiring! As demand for our professional asphalt services in Pinellas, St. Pete, Largo, Seminole and surrounding areas is growing so must our team. We would prefer to hire someone with lute...

Concrete VS. Asphalt: What’s Best For My Needs?

Concrete and asphalt are the primary options when it comes to paving your sidewalk, driveway or parking lot for an affordable price. Driveways and sidewalks can also be done with pavers but the cost is generally greater when choosing paver options along with more...

6 Reasons to Keep Your Parking Lot ‘Tip-Top’

Here’s a quick hit list of why it is extremely important to keep your parking lot both looking and functioning at 100% *Updated January 31st, 2020   1. Parking lot liability:
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