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Asphalt Sealcoating Project Before and After Anderson and Sons Asphalt Company of Pinellas County Fl

Is asphalt sealcoating necessary?

In the past few years more and more people started to add sealcoating to their asphalt with the idea of taking better care of it. As you can imagine, all investments have their pros and cons. Most people understand that aesthetics and long-term durability make sealcoating worth the money, while others would prefer to minimize the cost on their asphalt project and instead just re-pave sooner with a shorter lifespan,…

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Parking Lot after sealcoating

What is asphalt seal coating?

As we all know, asphalt is one of the strongest pavement material out there. It is widely used because of its sturdy property. This type of pavement mainly comprises of rocks and gravel which is combined by way of a binder material (mainly made of some crude oils). This binder is an important element to maintain and increase the lifetime of the asphalt pavements. But due to the extensive exposure…

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Asphalt repair, Pinellas County Fl

How our asphalt repair process works

Cleaning the repair area is needed to properly apply tac coat which is the glue that bonds the new asphalt to the existing pavement. Failing to properly clean the area will often result in a failed repair job. This can cause the repair to crack, raise or sink while costing the client greatly as a second, more expensive repair will need to be done to the area. Once the concrete/asphalt…

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