Sealcoating for Asphalt Parking Lots

Sealcoating By Pinellas Proffesionals

Two Key Factors for Proper Sealcoating:
  1. High quality materials applied with time tested methods.
  2. Proper cleaning of the asphalt is essential.

Otherwise, the sealer cannot properly adhere to the asphalt and will peel away. Sealer is applied with the “Push Broom Method” of sealcoating which allows for more thorough penetration of the asphalt as opposed to spray method.

Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating & Maintenance

If you have a commercial property you will want to protect your investment by doing regular preventative maintenance sealcoating your parking lot to protect from deterioration. If you are looking to put your commercial property on the market and have a controlled budget that doesn’t allow for extensive repairs sealcoating can be a great way to add curb appeal at a minimal cost. With a jet black finish and bright parking stall lines your property will be sure to grab the attention of potential buyers driving by as well as the benefit of more impressive listing photos. The climate we live with in Pinellas County plays a large role in how we do this work and having spent my entire life in Pinellas County I know how to do this correctly.