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Anderson & Son’s Asphalt is a licensed and insured asphalt contractor in Pinellas County. Unlike other contractors in the area, we don’t just send workers to a paving or sealcoating job site expecting that their work will meet the customers expectations. Tony Anderson himself is on EVERY job site while the work is being completed. No exceptions. If you reach out for a free estimate, Tony will be the one who comes out to your property to provide the estimate. Tony has have spent his entire life in Pinellas County and spent nearly half of his life in the asphalt industry. Over the years we have learned certain do’s and dont’s that lead to a quality parking lot.

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From small asphalt repairs, to sealcoating, to larger asphalt paving projects, no job is too big or small. From 1,000 Sq Ft. to 1,000,000 Sq Ft. From a small commercial parking lot with a couple of parking spaces to very large shopping centers, churches, and office complexes we can help you put together a pavement maintenance plan that makes sense for your specific needs. Along the way, our goal is to give you the most value for your budget dollars.

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Our Asphalt Paving Services (Pinellas & Local)

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If it involves asphalt, we do it all!

Asphalt Sealcoating

Make your facilities attractive to your customers by maintaining them with high quality materials applied with time tested methods.

Asphalt Paving

?From small strip centers in St Petersburg, to medium size condominium complexes on the beaches of Pinellas County, to the largest commercial parking lots, we can do it all.

Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt repairs come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity and we do them all.


If you want to brighten up your parking lot without committing to the extra cost of sealcoating Re-striping is a very effective way of doing this.

Anderson & Sons Asphalt News

Common Asphalt Scams: How to avoid getting ripped off. (Part 1)

For every honest asphalt contractor in Pinellas County, there’s a crook out there lurking in the grass just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting home owners. We’ve laid out some tips to help owners avoid getting ripped off and we hope you will learn from this and not have to learn the ‘hard way’. Scam 1: […]

Concrete VS. Asphalt: What’s Best For My Needs?

Concrete and asphalt are the primary options when it comes to paving your sidewalk, driveway or parking lot for an affordable price. Driveways and sidewalks can also be done with pavers but the cost is generally greater when choosing paver options along with more expensive to maintain. Commercial Property Paving When it comes to commercial […]

What Does Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost?

Many residential homeowners are swapping to asphalt for their new driveway as the cost to pave with asphalt is significantly less than the concrete alternative.  Both methods require a proper groundwork often involving demo and removal of the old material.  With this cost incurred either way, the cost of the new material is where home […]

How To Find The Best Commercial Asphalt Company Near You

Looking for a top-rated asphalt company in your area? Here’s a list of what to look for to find a the best asphalt service company in your area along with a breakdown of where to look.   Where not to look Many business owners may think that searching AngiesList, HomeAdvisor and other similar directories are […]

Is asphalt sealcoating necessary?

In the past few years more and more people started to add sealcoating to their asphalt with the idea of taking better care of it. As you can imagine, all investments have their pros and cons. Most people understand that aesthetics and long-term durability make sealcoating worth the money, while others would prefer to minimize […]

What is asphalt seal coating?

As we all know, asphalt is one of the strongest pavement material out there. It is widely used because of its sturdy property. This type of pavement mainly comprises of rocks and gravel which is combined by way of a binder material (mainly made of some crude oils). This binder is an important element to […]

How to Find a Good Asphalt Company in Your Local Area

You can easily browse the internet and find a number of asphalt companies in your area, but finding the right one can be daunting. Before booking any company for your commercial or residential paving project, here are a few things you need to know. Bidding for the right asphalt paving company: Initially, you should receive […]

Parking Lot Paving and Repair: 6 Reasons to Keep Your Lot ‘Tip-Top’

Here’s a quick hit list of why it is extremely important to keep your parking lot both looking and functioning at 100% 1. Parking lot liability: Paving your parking lot could keep you out of court, here’s how: Although private lots do have a good amount of protection for the owners there is one underlying […]

How our asphalt repair process works

Cleaning the repair area is needed to properly apply tac coat which is the glue that bonds the new asphalt to the existing pavement. Failing to properly clean the area will often result in a failed repair job. This can cause the repair to crack, raise or sink while costing the client greatly as a […]

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Whether it is paving, sealcoating, striping or repair, large project or small, we have done them all.

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The Carpet Store: Tony and his guys were great! Tony went above and beyond to get the job done right, even coming back to make some changes to the stripes in our parking lot. Highly recommend Anderson and Sons!

Brian Manning

“We all like to voice our opinion when something is bad, I want to say this young man did what he said he was going to do for the price he said he was going to do it. Then he went above and beyond to live in my parking lot the right way He did it the day he told me he was going to do it he finished the time he told me he was going to finish. I?m taking the time to write this because I recommend this company, this family 110%. Thank you guys for making my parking lot look brand new.”

Santo Sardo

“They did a great job, showed up on time and really reasonable price. I highly recommend them!”

Ann Amoto