Commercial Parking Lot Paving

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From small strip centers in St Petersburg, to medium size condominium complexes on the beaches of Pinellas County, to the largest commercial parking lots, we can do it all.

What to look for in a paving company

There are a few things to consider when you decide to have your parking lot “re-paved”. Asphalt has a memory. If you have a 1in. overlay installed over a parking lot with major cracks, as the material hardens and settles, you will notice the overlay settling slightly more in the cracks leading to expedited deterioration. Cracks and low areas must be filled and leveled prior to an overlay. Tac coat application is key. Tac coat is the bonding agent that adheres the new overlay to the existing asphalt layer. Equally and generously applying the tac coat will ensure that the entire overlay will stay in place even under the heaviest traffic.

Anderson & Son’s Asphalt does Paving Right!

We do complete reconstruction and new construction. Excavating damaged asphalt to install new pavement, excavating landscape to add parking stalls, we can meet any need that you have a for your commercial property.