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Parking lot / blacktop / asphalt paving experts: Anderson & Sons Asphalt Serving Pinellas Since 2006′

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Anderson & Son’s Asphalt is among the best asphalt service companies in the state of Florida. We are standing by, ready to take on new projects in 2023 with the right tools, equipment and a highly talented team.

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4.9 Average Rating on our Google Verified listing with 44 reviews and counting in Pinellas County

Asphalt Google Business Review

“Anderson Asphalt did a great job black topping our entire development. They were timely, followed the agreed upon plan, workers were professional, and accommodating. Their technique of brushing the mix on was perfect. We got a better coating and it look great. Price was also good. Very easy to work with. Highly recommend.”

Gerri Adams – June 2022

Asphalt Google Business Review

“Our condo association met with several asphalt paving companies before choosing Anderson & Sons. They are the Absolute BEST company from start to finish. They give a schedule and stick to it, they arrive on time, the job turned out better than we thought possible. All our owners are extremely pleased.”

Cheryl Snider – August 2022

How It Works

Fast Estimate

Fill out our online form and we will start our estimate process. Most commercial projects require us to come to your location for an accurate quote.

Swift Project Completion

We will professionally and efficiently complete your asphalt parking lot to minimize down time for your business parking.


Most projects receive a guarantee for a specified time-frame. Regardless, we always stand by our work.

Commercial Parking Lot Paving

St. Pete & Tampa Bay’s Best Parking Lot Paving Company

From small strip centers in St. Petersburg, to medium size condominium complexes on the beaches of Pinellas County, to the largest commercial parking lots, Anderson & Son’s can do it all.

We know the ins and outs of asphalt paving and can safely and effectively handle and project, large or small. 

Before and after parking lot paving by Anderson and Sons

What to look for in a paving company

There are a few things to consider when you decide to have your parking lot “re-paved”. Asphalt has a memory. If you have a 1in. overlay installed over a parking lot with major cracks, as the material hardens and settles, you will notice the overlay settling slightly more in the cracks leading to expedited deterioration. Cracks and low areas must be filled and leveled prior to an overlay. Tac coat application is key. Tac coat is the bonding agent that adheres the new overlay to the existing asphalt layer. Equally and generously applying the tac coat will ensure that the entire overlay will stay in place even under the heaviest traffic.

Anderson & Son’s Asphalt does Paving Right!

We do complete reconstruction and new construction. Excavating damaged asphalt to install new pavement, and excavating landscape to add parking stalls, we can meet any need that you have for your commercial property.

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