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Your parking lot or roadway serve an important service and our highly skilled team will assure it is back and functioning on time, if not ahead of schedule.

Clearwater Paving Maintenance

Pinellas County is our home-base yet we proudly take care of many commercial clients in the Clearwater area.

learwater clients: we offer Special Discounts for parking lot projects in your area.

Blacktops Resurfacing to Line Striping, Here’s a List of What We Offer

Anderson & Son’s Asphalt is a premium paving company offering exceptional services at affordable rates in Clearwater, Florida. Below is a general listing of the paving services we offer.


Blacktop, Parking Lot & Roadway Asphalt Sealcoating

Paving jobs are only truly complete once sealcoating has been properly laid in order to protect the asphalt from Clearwater’s harmful sun.
For a breakdown on Sealcoating, or if you’re wondering “what is sealcoating”, view this thorough breakdown on asphalt paving sealcoating.

Sealcoating fresh asphalt pavement

Asphalt Paving Repair

Clearwater Roadways, Parking Lots & More

Clearwater, FL is home to some of the state’s most beautiful roadways. However, it’s also no stranger to extremely high traffic levels. When it comes time to repair those heavily traversed roadways and parking lots Anderson & Sons Asphalt is here to help.

Paving experts patching roadway

Asphalt Lot Maintenance

Complete Blacktop Asphalt Resurfacing

From smaller Clearwater, Florida based lots, to medium size office complexes and even condominium structures, to the largest commercial parking lots, Anderson & Son’s Asphalt has the experience, crew, leadership and equipment to get any parking lot paving job done efficiently while focusing on exceeding customer expectations on every job.Why is keeping your parking lot in tip-top shape important? Read this article we put together with six reasons why it’s seriously important to keep your blacktop in good shape, year round.

Parking Lot Paving Job in St Pete Fl


Straight lines, no bleeds, top quality blacktop striping

When it’s time to hire a local Clearwater asphalt paving company for line striping, Anderson & Son’s is your go-to service. Our premium asphalt parking lot paving services are coupled with top quality line striping to assure the final outcome of your parking lot project is one that ‘wows’ your customers and drives your real estate value to it’s maximum.

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A Contractor That Cares

Anderson & Sons Asphalt isn’t your average paving contractor. We create relationships with our clients by doing exceptional work at affordable prices and actually listening to what our customers want. We do the job right, and follow up to make sure you’re happy long after the job is done.

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How to choose the right paving service company in Clearwater, FL

How to find the right local Asphalt Paving Company near you

Searching for the most ideal paving company, one that will give you a decent outcome and furthermore work superbly with your black-top clearing venture can be an overwhelming errand.  Luckily, we are in the age of the internet and although for some this may complicate things, for most it levels the playing field and gives consumers the ability to view a companies reviews, targeting a company with a solid track record. Narrow it down to your top three.

Next, when taking a gander at the top outcomes, make certain to beware of the “reviews” portion to see who has strong audits. In the event that you see a huge amount of 5 star surveys with a low amount of written content, know this could be a warning. Examine their single star audits and see what they may be fouling up. Any terrible surveys ought to have a reaction from the organization. We’ve seen contenders get terrible audits basically on the grounds that they left a messy impression on the walkway.

Clearwater, FL Parking Lot Paving

Did someone say blacktop? Anderson and Sons is the answer.

Blacktop, aka asphalt is our business. We understand how the Florida sun can beat on a blacktop parking lot and from simple repairs to fully overhauled resurfacing, our team of asphalt paving professionals are the Clearwater area’s best in the business.

Parking Lot Paving Company Clearwater,, FL

Ready to hire the best paving company servicing Clearwater?

Our headquarters is located just south of Clearwater and given the close proximity, we offer free quotes to Clearwater based commercial clients in need of paving services.

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