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We come to your location or parking, assess the condition of the asphalt surface and give an honest quote based on what we find.

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Arriving on time and finishing within the timeframe we give clients is of the utmost importance to us.

Long-Term Packages

We offer long-term maintenance packages to help you keep your asphalt surface in tip-top shape, year round.

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If you’re in the market for a paving company in Largo, Fl..

You’ve come to the right company website! We can pave all size surfaces, from small homes to large commercial parking lots.

We’ve been in the paving business for years and have the tools, people and skills to get any paving job done professionally, and on time.

As of 2020, we have been focusing on large commercial projects, such as private roadways, parking lots, and other large asphalt surfaces and our clients satisfaction is always our top priority.

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We know hard it can be looking for the right paving company to fit your needs and we are proud to inform you the search can now end. We not only have some of the most competitive rates, we also guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Tips for find the right company for your needs

Paving is not all equal

There are several points to think about when you determine to have your car park repaved, sealcoated or striped. Asphalt has a memory. If you have a 1in. overlay set up over a car park with major cracks, as the product hardens and settles, you will notice the overlay clearing up a little extra in the cracks leading to expedited degeneration. Cracks as well as reduced areas must be filled up and leveled prior to an overlay. Tac layer application is vital. Tac coat is the bonding representative that sticks the new overlay to the existing asphalt layer. Equally and generously applying the tac layer will guarantee that the whole overlay will certainly remain in area even under the heaviest web traffic.

Anderson & Son’s Asphalt does Paving Right!

At Anderson & Son’s Asphalt, we do to demolition and fresh asphalt install when the surface is beyond repair or simple sealcoating. .

How to find the right local Asphalt Paving Company near you

Looking for the best possible company, one that will give you a good deal and ALSO do an amazing job with your asphalt paving project can be a daunting task.
The obvious starting point is now longer a yellow pages search but instead a Google search. Check to see who is really doing well on the ranks. They’ve likely been in business a while.

When looking at the top results, be sure to check on the “Maps” segment to see who has solid reviews. If you see a ton of 5 star reviews with no context / nothing written, be aware this could be a red flag. Have a look at their single star reviews and see what they might be doing wrong. Any bad reviews should have a response from the company. We’ve seen competitors get bad reviews simply because they left a dirty footprint on the sidewalk.

Largo Asphalt Paving Company Map

Largo Asphalt Paving Company Map

Largo Asphalt Paving Services

Based in Largo, Fl, Anderson & Son’s Asphalt has been proudly serving this area with premium asphalt paving services since 2015. No job is too big for our highly qualified team of paving professionals.

Asphalt Sealcoating

From Parking Lots to Driveways

Often is that case a well laid asphalt surface can endure many years of use. However, the sealcoating layer that is installed atop the asphalt often needs to be re-done. We are experts in laying high endurance grade sealcoating. , Read more about our sealcoating services here.

Pinellas Park Parking Lot Line Striping

Repairing Asphalt

Pot holes, cracks & more

Largo is home to a very large population of drivers, plenty of rain and excessive sunshine. These elements forge some of the harshest circumstances for asphalt surfaces and keep us busy year round with asphalt repair jobs.

Pinellas Park Parking Lot Line Striping

Parking Lots / Blacktops

Sealcoating, line striping & new installs

Whether you’ve got an extra large football stadium sized lot or a small driveway, we can quickly bring it back to life. We also offer fresh installs for those in the project development field.

Pinellas Park Parking Lot Line Striping

Line Striping

Professional, affordable & meticulous line striping

Don’t let your asphalt parking lot become an eye sore or even worse, a legal liability. We offer premium line striping services to Largo, St. Pete and Clearwater based businesses.

Pinellas Park Parking Lot Line Striping

Ready to hire the best paving company servicing Largo, FL?

Largo businesses may take advantage of our free, onsite estimate offering for parking lot/black top & other commercial sized projects.

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