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Asphalt Paving Job – Largo, Fl

In dire need of new pavement for this Largo, Fl based home, Anderson and Son's Asphalt stepped in and laid fresh asphalt down to allow this homeowner to enjoy driving and parking on a perfectly smooth surface.

Should I repair or reseal my paved driveway in Seminole, FL?

Regular maintenance is a must if you have a paved driveway.  Cracks and chips on the surface of your pavement or asphalt are not only unsightly but will also be costly in the long run. The longer you neglect those small splits and hairline cracks, the more expensive...

Seminole, FL Driveway & Small Road Asphalt Paving

This thirty-five hundred square foot driveway in Seminole Florida may as well have been a small roadway project with the sheer size of coverage needed. Anderson and Son’s came in force with a ten-man team to lay over 26 tons of S-3 asphalt to complete the job in s...

Asphalt Driveway Paving Project Breakdown

Driveway Asphalt Paving Project Step 1For starters, we can see how much this Largo, Fl based driveway was in need of replacement. Often times driveways and parking lots made of asphalt can be repaired. However, the Florida sun is not easy on these surfaces and after...
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