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Asphalt Companies Don’t Door Knock – Easy to Avoid this Scam

Just over a year ago we wrote this article about how to avoid being scammed by illegitimate asphalt companies and persons impersonating them. Having heard of these scam techniques coming closer and even inside the Pinellas County area we wanted to revisit this information and give you a much quicker, simpler method to avoid this scam.

Easily Avoid The Asphalt Driveway Scam

If an asphalt company representative (or a person who appears to be one) is knocking at your door selling services, don’t bother giving them the time of day. The chances of them being a legit company, offering true value and quality services are simply far too slim to risk engaging conversation in an attempt to verify whether they are legit or not.

POINT BLANK: Disengage!

Do not engage once they even mention the word “asphalt”.

The only other option:
In the event you truly believe your new found property encroacher may actually be legit, and you simply can’t take our word for it based on the odds, do this: Ask for his card, take a mental picture of him, and say “sorry, no matter how good the deal is today, it’s not happening, but I will give it some thought”, or something along those lines, but never fall for the “must-do now” pitch. Take that card, look them up and in the wildly unlikely chance they are legit, you can give them a call.

Located in Pinellas? Don’t wait for a shady door to door asphalt scammer to target your beat up driveway. Hire the pros at Anderson and Son’s Asphalt today and put the best scammer shield up possible, a perfectly paved asphalt driveway.

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