Here’s a quick hit list of why it is extremely important to keep your parking lot both looking and functioning at 100%

*Updated January 31st, 2020


1. Parking lot liability:

Parking lot liability

Liability is a huge reason why parking lot owners often keep their lots in tip top shape, year round.

Paving your parking lot could keep you out of court, here’s how: Although private lots do have a good amount of protection for the owners there is one underlying factoid to always remember: Anyone can sue anyone for anything (sort-a-speak, but almost always true when it comes to property damage happening within paved lots). From pot holes causing vehicle damage, poorly posted handicap signs, business owners fight over space allotment etc, a well paved, well striped parking lot may just help keep you out of court.


2. Higher revenues:

Keep your parking lot in Pinellas looking great increase the business revenue

Keep your parking lot in Pinellas looking great increase the business revenue

Clean lots bring more customers: It’s no secret that people always prefer the business / complex with the nicer parking lot. If customers/parkers have this preference than it’s likely whomever may be looking to rent office or business space on your property is going to look for a place with a well kept parking lot. Hence, be sure to make your parking look its best at all times.


3. Lower long-term cost:

Maintaining a great parking lot will keep your long-term costs lower.

Maintaining a great parking lot will keep your long-term costs lower.

Along with increased revenues and decreased liabilities, properly maintaining a parking lot by properly sealing cracks, filling pot holes, fresh striping etc can help maintain and increase the lifetime of asphalt. The longer your asphalt parking lot can go without needing to be completely re-surfaced the better for your budget.


4. Real estate value increased with well maintained parking lot

When it comes time to sell your parking lot, or business with attached lot, you will find that the value of the property is significantly higher than it otherwise would have been.


5. Parking lot maintenance saves on.. everything!

Increase the value of your parking lot

Increase the value of your parking lot

By having a professional asphalt repair company keep a close eye on your lot and perform regular repairs you can actual help to prevent pot holes from forming.


6. Less donuts = Happy Parking Lot

No, not the kind cops eat, the kind kids like to do in their sports cars. These types of characters believe that a well maintained parking lot is more likely to be policed on a regular basis than run down lots. Less donuts means you have less or no burnout marks all over your parking lot. Also business owners renting space on your lot are never fans of seeing this type of behavior happening near their place of business.


7. Pinellas County is TOUGH on asphalt

Much like other areas of the country where the sun is almost constantly beating on your black-top, Pinellas County is prone to having sun damage on lots. Sealcoating the lot is considerered reular maintaenance as it should be done every few years. When conditions are as rough as these more sunny areas, it may need seal coating even more often. If you’re commercial parking lot is in such a sunny area, don’t let the sun do more expensive damage by keeping it well coated.


Anderson & Sons Asphalt specialize in parking lot paving and have been exceeding our commercial clients expectations within the industry for years. A professionally paved and striped parking lot can make all the difference when it comes to renting out commercial real estate.


If you’re looking for a new asphalt maintance company, be sure to do your research. If you’re located in the Pinellas County area you’re in luck; so are we! Give us a call today to set up a free quote: (727) 614-2580

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