Asphalt Company working on a parking lot paving project in Pinellas County, Fl

You can easily browse the internet and find a number of asphalt companies in your area, but finding the right one can be daunting. Before booking any company for your commercial or residential paving project, here are a few things you need to know.

Bidding for the right asphalt paving company:

Initially, you should receive various quotes from multiple companies. This is when you should cross-check them. Do research to estimate the cost of the job but don’t spring on the cheapest bid. Getting a cheap deal is not always the best deal.

Keep in mind that a good contractor will send a team to examine and measure your site before placing any bids for your project. On the other hand, a contractor who bids on your project without inspecting your site is more likely to be inattentive in their work. Even if a company is offering you a fair price, make sure to check out at least 4 to 5 local companies before finalizing your deal.

Review the quality of the asphalt company:

Once you have found your asphalt company based on the above-listed factors, it is time to do a quick background check. Ask your friends, family, or business associates if they know about the quality of their work. You can easily look for a better business bureau listing, reviews on their official website, or references left by previous customers on Google.

Consider the company’s experience:

Now it is time to find out the experience level of your selected company as well as their success rates on paving projects. Do a detailed analysis of every individual crew member they are planning to bring on the paving site. Before hiring the members, just make sure that there is at least one well-trained, experienced (5+ years) leader on the team to guide the workers efficiently on the site. Question the crew about permits, bylaws, and the installation process. Also, check the quality of elements being used in the project before proceeding any further.
Parking lot paving in progress
Take away:
When you are on a quest for the best contractors in your local area, never settle for the first company you meet. Instead go through multiple companies, multiple quotes, fair prices, the experience of the crew, and the quality of instruments and materials before making any decision. Keep searching until you find a company that shows the utmost confidence in their answers, their bidding process, and their work procedures.

Remember to review the paving company!

Once the project is complete be sure to give the company a review so you can help inform others of the type of service the company offers. If the service was not quite to your liking you may be pleasantly surprised when the company reaches out and offers to fix the problematic area or offer a partial refund to escalate your level of satisfaction with their services.

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