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Asphalt Services Our Company Offers in Largo, Seminole & Pinellas

Whether you need asphalt services for a private road, driveway, parking lot, highway, or activity area that needs paving, it is important to choose the right company or contractor. Big or small, it will be a waste of time and money to entrust your asphalt paving project to just anyone.

You must ensure that your asphalt paving projects are done by professionals and a fully licensed asphalt company. Anderson & Sons Asphalt is your go-to contractor in the Pinellas County area. We’ve been in the business for years and our past projects can speak for our name. Whether it’s a commercial project or a small residential driveway, our team has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

We offer various asphalt services including sealcoating, commercial and residential paving, repair, and striping. With our decade’s worth of experience, we can do all kinds of projects and even offer long-term parking lot maintenance.

Paving (Parking Lot Paving)

Anderson & Sons offers asphalt paving services, including parking lot paving. We’ve completed projects for small strip centers, condominiums, large commercial areas and more. Our team of experts will assess your parking lots and give you a quote on how much the project will cost. We will also give you an estimated project timeline – which we professionally and efficiently complete at the swiftest possible time.

Parking Lot Paving
Parking Lot Paving in Largo, FL

During the assessment, we will tell you if it’s possible to re-pave your parking lot or if additional works need to be done for the project to be cost-efficient and long-lasting. For example, if your parking lot has major cracks, we don’t recommend just paving over them. Doing so will make your asphalt overlay deteriorate faster and then you will need to have it repaired again.

For cases like this, we make sure to fill the cracks and low areas first and perform tac coat application. We do tac coat application. The tac coat acts as a bonding agent that adheres to the new overlay to the existing asphalt. This ensures that the overlay will stay in place even under heavy traffic.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

One important aspect of parking lot maintenance sealcoating. Anderson & Sons offers professional sealcoating services for parking lots of various sizes. A sealcoat is applied in thin coats to seal asphalt pavement to protect it against stains, salt, water, oil, and ultraviolet rays. A sealcoat is usually consisting of either a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mixed with water, inert fillers, additives, or emulsifying agents.

Sealcoating Pavement
Sealcoating pavement in Pinellas County, FL

If your parking lot is regularly getting heavy traffic, it is recommended that you have it professionally sealcoated at least every 24 to 36 months. When your parking lot pavement starts showing signs of cracks, fading, and wear and tear, you should consult an asphalt paving professional. Our sealcoating services will give your old-looking parking lot a vibrant black finish that not only makes it look good but also prolong its life.

Parking Lot Repair

Even when you take all the proper measures to keep your parking lot pavement in great condition, signs of wear and tear will appear sooner or later. Parking lot repair is one way to help prolong the life of your pavement. Heavy traffic and the weather are two top factors that affect the lifespan of an asphalt pavement. As time goes by, potholes and cracks will start to show up and then it’s time to call in a contractor for repair.

Asphalt repair, Pinellas County Fl
Asphalt repair, Pinellas County Fl

Crack sealing is a cost-effective way of repairing an asphalt parking lot. However, you need to perform this kind of repair as soon as possible – at the earliest sign of cracks. This ensures that water infiltration is minimized, and the sub-base of the asphalt will remain intact. A proactive asphalt maintenance plan is necessary to catch minor issues before they become bigger. Make sure to follow all recommended care and maintenance steps after product applications on your pavement to ensure the effectiveness of any repair.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Aside from sealcoating and repair, Anderson & Sons Asphalt can also take care of parking lot maintenance for you. It is important to always be aware of the condition that your parking lot is in especially if it’s a high traffic one. Harsh weather, hot sunlight, standing water, and oily deposits have impacts on the pavement’s condition. Constant exposure to these elements will diminish the lifespan of the pavement faster if left alone.

Our team is here to help you ensure that your asphalt parking lot reaches its maximum serviceable life. We will work with you to develop a strategic plan on how to keep your parking lot in its best condition possible. Some of the maintenance works that we’ll work out with you include routine visual inspections, checking the drains and the condition of the pavement, filling and sealing minor cracks as soon as they appear, sealcoating, etc.


Anderson & Sons Asphalt is proud to be one of the best companies offering asphalt driveway services in Pinellas County. With years of experience and an expert team, we offer premium services for asphalt driveway installation, repair, and maintenance. From the one-car driveway to high-end residential driveways, our team can take care of your project and get it done at the best rates.

Recent Driveway Paving Job in Pinellas
Recent Driveway Paving Job in Pinellas

Need a new driveway for your home? We offer very attractive options while keeping the costs significantly lower than when you get a concrete alternative. Tired of your old, ugly driveway? We can install a new one by removing the old asphalt to add a professional new layer of asphalt pavement.

Aside from repaving and installation, we also provide consultations on how to properly maintain your driveway. We can do an on-site assessment and tell you whether you need a complete asphalt driveway repair or if a simple reseal will do.

General Sealcoating

No matter how good you are at taking care of your asphalt pavement, regular sealcoating is still necessary. Our team can do sealcoating for driveways, parking lots, road pavements, etc. We will conduct an on-site assessment to determine the damage level to your existing asphalt pavement to decide the extent of repair necessary.

Sealcoating parking lot
Sealcoating parking lot

Hairline cracks and small potholes will start to appear within 24 to 36 months if your pavement is getting a high amount of traffic or if it’s constantly exposed to harsh elements. Thus, it is recommended that you get sealcoating services at least once every 24-36 months.

Here at Anderson & Sons Asphalt, we consider high-quality materials and proper cleaning as essential factors in proper sealcoating. We apply the sealer using the “push-broom method” to ensure a more thorough penetration of the asphalt.

Line Striping

Whether you have a small or large commercial parking lot, line striping is an important factor you need to consider. And Anderson & Sons Asphalt is an industry leader when it comes to this service. We have an experienced and well-trained team always ready to take on your commercial or residential parking lot striping.

Line Striping in Clearwater, FL
Line Striping in Clearwater, FL

As you know, the lines and markings on your parking lot are there for a purpose. Guests and people parking their vehicles need to clearly see where they are supposed to go or park exactly. That’s going to be hard if the lines are faded and unclear. Our team can brighten up your parking lot without committing to the extra cost of sealcoating. We will perform re-striping while following the ADA Code to ensure compliance to federal rules and regulations.

Asphalt Repair

As a professional asphalt paving company, Anderson & Sons Asphalt understands that asphalt repairs come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. Thus, our asphalt repair services are tailored to your pavement’s needs. Our talented team only uses the best technology and materials to every repair job done right, on time, and efficiently.

Asphalt Repair
Asphalt Repair

Whether yours is a small or big asphalt pavement, the most common repairs necessary involve fixing severe alligator cracks, loose asphalt, or low and water saturating asphalt. For all these, we ensure that we are following a standard repair process to ensure the long-lasting lifespan of the repaired asphalt.

Our repair process starts with cleaning the entire repair area so there will be no loose dirt or debris that can hinder the tac coat from properly adhering to the asphalt. We then apply slow setting tac coat to the repair area. The tac coat must completely dry before applying the asphalt for long-lasting effectiveness. After curing the tac coat, hot mix asphalt is applied to the damaged area.

Aside from standard repairs, we also offer specialty repairs including repairing of potholes, low lying areas, trip hazards, and asphalt cutout and repaving. All these repairs are done using different techniques and processes. We believe that how the repair is completed determines whether the asphalt repair will last or not. As such, we always ensure that the repair process is done correctly the first time.

So, if you need any asphalt services in Pinellas County, make sure to contact us and let our professional team handle your project. We service areas in St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, and Pinellas Park. Give us a call or use the contact form to send inquiries or book an appointment!

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