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Parking Lot Halloween Special

If you have children, there's a good chance you've attended a Halloween Parking Lot Party. The last thing you want to see at an event such as this is a large pot holes or a horribly maintained parking lot. In honor of these Halloween Parking Lot parties, we are...

Parking Lot & Commercial Asphalt Discount for Seminole Fl

Update: DEAL EXTENDED thru late December 2020 Limited time discount for Seminole Fl (within Pinellas County) on Commercial Asphalt Jobs, e.g. Parking Lots If you have a business or government location / roadway and have been putting off getting your asphalt parking or...

St. Petersburg Commercial Asphalt Projects Discount

November Update: This deal has been extended thru January 1st 2021 5% OFF for ALL St. Petersburg Commercial Projects (parking lots, roadways etc.) Limited time offer for St. Pete based businesses only Anderson & Son's Asphalt, a professional asphalt company based...

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