Asphalt Prices Rising

Is The Price Of Asphalt Going Up?

Prices for almost everything are rising – from essential goods and commodities to more expensive investments like cars and houses. Even the prices of construction materials are on the rise, including the costs of asphalt. Some road projects have been stalled, and people have been rethinking their home asphalt resurfacing projects because of this.

Unfortunately, most industry experts say these prices will not be going down soon. As such, proper maintenance of asphalt pavement is becoming increasingly important, so to avoid repairs in a short time. You’d want your asphalt driveways or parking lots to last longer, now more than ever.


Tips on Avoiding Surging Asphalt Prices

You can’t totally avoid the increase in asphalt prices, but there are specific ways to minimize the rate of wear and tear on your asphalt pavements – private roads, driveways, or parking lots. Proper maintenance is vital, of course. Always clean your asphalt; you should set a monthly schedule if possible.

Sweep the asphalt surface at least once a month to prevent debris and gravel from causing damage. Leaves, fuel, and oil leaks should be cleaned immediately as they can leave a stain and slick spots. When left for too long, these oil and fuel spills can cause deterioration of the asphalt’s foundation. And if you’re on cleaning duty, use only asphalt-safe solutions.

Next, you should regularly inspect the asphalt for any signs of cracks and small potholes. Contact your trusted contractor to fill and repair these holes and cracks correctly. Act fast, even if it’s just some hairline cracks because they will become deep and wide if ignored for months. Then, you’ll have an even bigger problem.

Sealcoating is the best way to go to keep your asphalt in good condition. This is different from an asphalt overlay, which is used to patch bigger holes and cracks. Read on to learn more about this option and save up on expensive asphalt replacement.


What is Sealcoating, and Why It’s Best for Your Asphalt?

In general, sealcoating is done by adding a durable and waterproof layer to the top of the asphalt. The liquid product is meant to seal the surface and fill all the small cracks and voids on the asphalt. This does not only help the asphalt repel moisture and other liquid spills but also protects the pavement. The seal keeps the asphalt underneath protected against water, wind, and sunlight.

Asphalt experts advise that sealcoat be applied every three to five years to prevent any minor surface damage from setting on. This is especially important if you’re from a region with harsh weather and UV rays that harden and oxidize the asphalt over time.

There are various types of seal coating that you can choose from. The coal tar sealers are cheaper but require more management during the application. You will need professional help with this type of seal coat. The asphalt emulsion sealers are also easier to apply and have fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds). However, these sealers offer protection that’s less resistant to chemical spills.

There are also the acrylic and fast-dry sealers. The former is considered less harmful to the environment and has fewer health risks but is more expensive. Meanwhile, the fast-dry sealers are what you can use if you need to use your asphalt at the soonest possible time. So, this option is the best if you’re a business and need a quick turnaround on your asphalt sealcoating.


Asphalt Paving parking lot in Largo, Florida
Asphalt Paving parking lot in Largo, Florida

Sealcoating: What Are Your Options?

If you want to further save on your asphalt maintenance, you also need to consider whether to hire a professional or if you’d instead do it yourself. If you have no know-how about asphalt maintenance and sealcoating, you’d better hire an asphalt contractor you can trust. DIY-ing it without the necessary knowledge might prove to be more expensive.

Depending on the region where you live, sealcoating cost generally costs between $0.08 to $0.30 per square foot. When cracks are filled, the cost can be between $0.50 to $1.00 per linear foot. However, with these prices, you’d still be paying significantly lesser than when you need a complete repair.

If you know how to do the sealcoating yourself, you only need to find a good company that supplies quality asphalt products and sealcoating equipment.

So, to recap, sealcoating can extend the life of your asphalt by preventing crumbling and hardening. You don’t have to spend more on asphalt replacement or overlay. This way, you can avoid the surging prices of asphalt. Need help with sealcoating? Contact Anderson & Sons Asphalt, and we’ll help you with sealcoating and the overall maintenance of your asphalt driveway or parking lots.

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