How to find a good commercial asphalt company near you
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How To Find The Best Commercial Asphalt Company Near You

Looking for a top-rated asphalt company in your area?

Here’s a list of what to look for to find a the best asphalt service company in your area along with a breakdown of where to look.


Where not to look

Many business owners may think that searching AngiesList, HomeAdvisor and other similar directories are better sites to search than Google. However, did you know that companies pay hundreds of dollars each year to list their companies on these directories? Directories such as this charge monthly for the companies local listings. This fee creates the groundwork for a serious conflict of interest. If a commercial asphalt service company receives a few bad reviews the first thing they will do is inquire to have them removed. When the directory listing site refuses to remove the reviews the service company will likely cancel their listing if the reviews are impactful enough to stop leads from being generated. However, directory website companies will go above and beyond to keep their paying clients which is why countless negative reviews are removed from directory listings hourly every day.


Another major issue with companies like Angies List boils down to how they make most their money; advertising. The great majority of the companies you will find on the first page of results within directory listing websites are actually paying top-dollar to be there. (Source) The review system is secondary while the top bidder is able to bypass the reviews to attain higher rankings.


However, it should be noted that as directories like AngiesList are where a large majority of consumers, commercial and residential alike are searching. Hence, most companies which service the commercial industry still must list their businesses on with these sites in order to compete in the market.



So then where SHOULD you look for your next commercial asphalt (or any) company?

We highly recommend Google as the reviews are much less controlled by cash flow. When a company gets a bad google review from a consumer its is much more difficult to get the bad review removed, as it should be. When flagged by a business owner, Google will check to see if the negative review is from a real customer. Next they will verify the review doesn’t break any of Google’s review guidelines. As competition is fierce in many fields some companies take part in the very unethical tactic of posting negative reviews on competitors listings. Hence, if you do find a company with bad reviews, be sure to check the response from the company. By looking at the conversation between the reviewer and the business you may be able to discern if a review is done by a real customer or simply a competitor.


Friends and family recommendations

Another great source for finding the local areas best commercial asphalt contractor may be just a facebook post away. A great commercial contractor has likely been hired by a friend of family member. Using social media outlets like Facebook are excellent sources for locating an outstanding commercial service company you can trust, as someone you know has utilized their service in the past.

*Be aware, sometimes friends and family may not have your best interest at heart when they recommend a friend of their own whom they cannot actually attest to the legitimacy of the service they offer. Hence, if a service company is recommended by a friend, be sure to also google their business name and check out their google reviews.



Verify the company is qualified & trusted

Once you’ve found a potential company to hire there are few things you should do to verify they are right for you.


Google Reviews

Firstly, if you haven’t already, checkout their Google reviews. Companies that have been in business for years may have large amounts of reviews. Most likely, some negative reviews within the bunch. Have a look at their bad reviews and what’s really important is how the business owner addresses the negative feedback. A good contractor will work towards making things right with the unsatisfied customer. However, if the company has large amounts of negative feedback this is a red flag and you may want to to continue your search.


What if the company doesn’t have a google listing?

This is also a red flag as companies may remove their google listing if their reviews are so bad that the listing is actually costing them leads.


Company Website

In the commercial service industry every company worth its salt will have a website. You may have to google the company name to find it, or click on the “website” link from their google listing. If they are keeping up with the times the site should look decent but here’s what to really look for: Images of work done. Make sure they have previous experience working on projects similar to the project you wish to hire a company to perform.


Licensed and insured

This information should somewhat easy to find on the companies website. Never hire an uninsured commercial service business. If someone is injured on your property and they do not have insurance, you may find yourself neck deep in medical costs or even a law suit.



Clearwater / St. Petersburg / Largo / Pinellas Park

Good news, Anderson & Son’s Asphalt is here for you! Feel free to follow the steps we’ve provided to verify we are the right company for you and when ready, contact us to get a free quote for your commercial asphalt project.

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  1. Directories really doesn’t help you when it comes to finding reviews about a company or service. Most entries there are there because they want to be found. But, although not all, most reviews there are not reliable. I agree that Google reviews is a great place to look. I also prefer recommendations from someone I know or you can look at reviews on social networks like Facebook.

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