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Why Are Roads and Parking Lots Paved with Asphalt?

Have you seen many highways and parking lots? Did you notice that most of them are paved with asphalt instead of concrete? The answer is simple. Asphalt is more economical, long-lasting, and safer when compared to concrete. As highway and main roads have a lot of traffic, they need to be durable and should be able to withstand all the daily wear and tear.

If you’re the owner of a commercial establishment with a parking lot or own a commercial parking area, asphalt is more practical and cost-efficient. An asphalt parking lot is a business investment that will give your establishment an edge and benefit you for many years.

But why do highway engineers, road designers, and even business owners prefer using asphalt instead of concrete for pavements? In this article, we will give you why asphalt is the best choice for you.

Asphalt is Cost-Efficient

Compared to concrete pavement, asphalt is about 25%-50% cheaper. Thus, if you choose asphalt for your parking lots or driveway, you’d be able to save thousands depending on the size of your area. The installation is quick, so there are minimal expenses for labor costs.

It generally costs less to use asphalt, and the upkeep is also inexpensive. When it comes to parking lots, laying out the asphalt pavement also takes less time so that business won’t be disrupted for long. Drying and curing asphalt only needs about 48 hours.

There’s not much to worry about with proper installation for maintenance and repairs of asphalt. There are usually just a few minor repairs necessary, and most of them are relatively inexpensive. You can also talk to your contractor as most companies would offer maintenance and installation.

Asphalt is More Versatile

No matter the size of the area, you can use asphalt. You can use asphalt for your driveways, parking lots, and roads or highways. Asphalt can be applied in various thicknesses to suit any need such as to make track beds and base for high-speed trains.

Asphalt allows for much more flexible constructability. It’s a paving material favored for rapid construction, design simplicity, easy maintenance, and maximization of safety for construction workers and the traveling public. You can also layer asphalt on each other for structure, increased load capacity, and fatigue life.

Asphalt is Known for Longevity

If you need long-lasting pavement, whether for parking lots or roads, then you’ll benefit more from asphalt. Many experts consider asphalt a perpetual pavement, which means it’s a structure with an indefinite lifespan. Asphalt pavement can easily last up to 20 years with proper installation and maintenance.

Asphalt Provides a Smooth Surface

When it comes to parking lots and highways, smoothness matters, vehicle owners don’t like uneven pavements since that can cause premature wear and tear to cars. And because asphalt has the highest level of smoothness, it’s perfect to use in high-traffic areas.

Asphalt is Environmentally Friendly

Though not commonly known, asphalt is recyclable and considered an environment-friendly paving material. When paved asphalt is damaged or due for replacement, it is torn up, crushed, and reused for new paving projects. In the United States, there’s an estimate that about 90 million tons of asphalt are being recycled and reused. This is great for the environment and saves taxpayer money on public structures.

Asphalt is Safe

The smoothness of asphalt gives vehicle tires great contact and helps avoid accidents. Properly laid asphalt also allows water to drain to the sides and reduces the chance of hydroplaning-related accidents. There will also be less ice during the winter season.

Asphalt Helps Increase Property Value

Installing porous asphalt on your property’s parking lots and driveways will help increase its value. This is an excellent way to command great rental prices if you own an apartment complex or condominium.

And if you’re looking for the best company to help you with asphalt paving, Anderson & Sons is your go-to company. We are a professional asphalt company operating in Pinellas County with an experienced and talented team of asphalt pavers and contractors. We service various clients, from large businesses to commercial and residential properties.

We don’t only install asphalt; we can also offer maintenance and repair services of various scopes. We are proud of all the work we’ve done and always strive to deliver only the best results.

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  1. It’s really cool to see newly-paved asphalt on parking lots and even roads and highways. I actually prefer seeing this over concrete. And it’s nice to know that asphalt is actually environmentally friendly! I though they are bad but who knew? It also makes sense to recycle and reuse old asphalt for new projects!

  2. It’s great that you talked about how asphalt is about 25%-50% cheaper compared to concrete pavement. I was watching an interesting video last night and I saw how a parking lot was made. From what I could tell, you could ask a commercial asphalt paving company to install a parking lot.

  3. It’s interesting to know that freshly poured asphalt makes a property’s value increase. We’re interested in selling our home next summer because we want to find another house with a bigger yard for our dogs to be free and happy. We’d like to improve our house a little to increase its selling price, so we’ll take your advice into consideration.

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