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Asphalt Paving Job – Largo, Fl

In dire need of new pavement for this Largo, Fl based home, Anderson and Son’s Asphalt stepped in and laid fresh asphalt down to allow this homeowner to enjoy driving and parking on a perfectly smooth surface.

After professionally paved

Before and after driveway paved
During asphalt paving project

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  1. The pictures shown are my driveway which was done June 2021 and just had sealcoating done last week March 2022. We love our driveway! Our kids ride bikes, scooters, roller skate and have a great time on the new driveway. I can’t tell you how much we don’t miss stepping or parking in mud. Anderson & Sons is very responsive, courteous, and professional. I loved working with Danielle. Great service at a great price!

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