Empty Parking Lots are great for new paving

Empty Parking Lot? Great Time For New Asphalt

Although it’s certainly a rough time from Pinellas Park, FL to across the globe, we are doing our best to find the silver linings. From spending extra time with loved ones at home to learning a new skill set, there are certainly ways to pass the time for those of us fortunate enough to be merely stuck at home.

If you own a business, you may also be considering doing those improvements to the infrastructure you’ve been putting off.

So, *if you’ve already taken care of your employees and there’s still room in the budget, take advantage of the empty parking lot and have it resurfaced. Generally, asphalt paving can take a few days to complete and allow to cure prior automobiles being driven on it. During normal operations this process can cause a huge inconvenience for customers and have negative effects on revenues.

Anderson and Son’s Asphalt offers very competitive rates while focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

We are taking the COVID19 pandemic very seriously and have adjusted our services to adhere to the CDC guidelines. To read more about the extra precautions we are taking, click here.

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