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A Look at How Asphalt is Made | Anderson and Son’s

You likely see asphalt on a daily basis. Many driveways, roads, parking lots, and even walking trails are made of asphalt. This is because asphalt is the perfect material for areas where smooth flat surfaces are the solution and the sun is a factor in durability. Have...

How to Get Potholes Fixed in St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL

We've all been there, driving along and all of the sudden SLAM! The wheel goes down into a rough pothole and back up before you even knew what happened. This can be both damaging to your car and flat-out dangerous. Getting ahold of the right organization to have these...

How Big Does Our Parking Lot Need to Be?

Are you planning on opening a commercial parking lot? Or perhaps wanting to open a business that offers customer parking? If so, you must be wondering what size of the parking lot you should construct. Well, the exact size and measurements of your parking lot are...

Asphalt Paving Job – Largo, Fl

In dire need of new pavement for this Largo, Fl based home, Anderson and Son's Asphalt stepped in and laid fresh asphalt down to allow this homeowner to enjoy driving and parking on a perfectly smooth surface.
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