Asphalt services you need and when to get them
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Asphalt Paving Services You Need And When to Get Them

Adequately maintained asphalt pavement has a longer lifespan, and the surface will always be protected against the elements. In addition to regular maintenance, hiring a reliable asphalt paving company is essential. This ensures that you get the best services – and you’ll get your money’s worth every step of the way.

But, to maximize the benefit of asphalt paving, you need to understand better the kind of asphalt services available and when you should get them. Because you must remember that not all services will suit your needs.


Asphalt Paving

If you still have a gravel driveway, it may be time to upgrade it to an asphalt option. There are many advantages to having a paved driveway. For example, having a paved driveway will save your vehicle from wear and tear. As you know, stones and debris can get kicked into your car, damaging the paint.

Talk to us at Andersons & Sons Asphalt, and we will help you install a high-quality and long-lasting asphalt driveway. We also install asphalt pavement for parking lots and private roads.



Your asphalt pavement will be exposed to water and other elements. Thus, regular maintenance sealcoating is recommended. This service is designed to seal and protect the surface of your asphalt pavement against moisture, oxidation, erosion, and fading. In short, sealcoating is vital in keeping the integrity of the asphalt surface and its foundation.

If you own a commercial parking lot, you will get many benefits from this service. The process will ensure longevity and improve your property’s visual look.



When you start seeing cracks in your asphalt pavement, it’s time to consider preventive maintenance solutions. Cracksealing is a service that uses adhesive sealant designed to fill and seal cracks on the surface. This solution slows down deterioration and can extend the pavement’s lifespan for a few more years.

Watch out for alligator, edge, slippage, and joint and reflective cracks. Even a tiny hairline crack should be a cause for concern. Putting off cracksealing will cause your more money and headaches later.


Striping and Marking

For commercial parking spaces, it is critical to have clear markings. This will make it easy for people to park correctly, and accidents will be avoided. The striping and marking on your pavement will fade after some time. Thus, it would be best if you had them re-painted regularly.

There are many benefits to asphalt line striping and marking, especially regarding the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Visible and proper markings will aid in traffic flow, so you also minimize your liability if an accident occurs.

At Andersons & Sons Asphalt, we have years of experience with line striping and pavement marking, so we know what we are doing. We don’t only help improve the curb appeal of your parking lot or establishment, but we also help you follow the law. That’s right; we will help you properly implement handicapped parking and disability access.


Asphalt Repairs

When you start seeing signs of deterioration in your asphalt pavement, such as warping, sinking, cracking, and potholes, it’s time to hire an asphalt paving company for repairs. Severe weather changes can be brutal on asphalt, so if you live in an area with such conditions, you need to monitor your pavement for any changes that could become costly repairs when neglected.

Fixing potholes, trip hazards, concave surfaces, and repaving requires various repair techniques. But how these repairs are done will significantly affect the longevity of the asphalt pavement. Thus, you need to hire a reliable company to do them for you.



If an experienced team does your pavement, you can expect it to last for about 20-30 years. However, no matter how good the team is, regular maintenance is still necessary. Resurfacing and other repair solutions should be done once signs of deterioration are about 30% or so.

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  1. Not long ago, my brother said he’d like to invest in improving his house’s driveway since it’s full of holes and cracks. That’s why we’re glad you elaborated on sealcoating our asphalt pavement to protect it from water and other elements. My brother will meet with a paving professional soon, and I think your tips could help him.

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